The Do’s & Don’ts of Window Treatments

This week, we come head to head with one of humanity’s most treacherous tasks; planning window treatments. As overwhelming as it may seem, I think we can all agree that the stunning end-product is worth it. To ensure that your treatments turn out to be everything you hoped for, follow our do’s and don’ts when it comes to all things window treatments…



1) Do pick the type of treatment based on the window:

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 11.20.12 AM

via Design*Sponge

Obviously you wouldn’t put a roman shade over a giant sliding glass door or draperies over your kitchen window…but you knew that. 😉  When dealing with larger windows, drapes look phenomenal and can really make the space. Smaller windows call for treatments that are less dramatic like a roman shade.


2) Do use proper measuring techniques:

via Country Door

This cheat sheet’s guidelines are great when measuring for your treatments.


3) Do pick your fabric accordingly:


via Apartment Therapy

Like fabric selection for anything, you must keep color, pattern, and material in mind. The aesthetics of the room will be made or broke by the look of the treatment (no pressure). Always keep the color scheme of the space in mind as well as the style. These treatments are great in the space because they fit perfectly into the design while adding a pop of quirkiness. Also consider material…. choose fabric according to how much light you want to let into the space. Lining your treatments is a good idea if you are worried about too much light shining through or the fading of your nearby furniture and/or art.



1) Don’t hang your treatments too high/low:


via Camille Moore

Unless you have frequent floods inside your home (which is a problem all in its own) please do not hang your drapes like this. Your window treatments should either “puddle”, “break” or “brush”.


2) Don’t forget about hardware:

via Driven by Decor

Hardware can be just as important as the treatments themselves! Just like a sundae isn’t complete without chocolate syrup, sprinkles and a cherry (i’m hungry), window treatments are not complete without  corresponding rods, finials and hooks. Make sure your hardware style and finish correlates with the style of your treatments. For example, this trendy acrylic and gold hardware really complements the drapes as well as the wall color it sits on.


3) Don’t sell your window short:


via E How

Ultimately you want to expand the look of your window, right? RIGHT. Nobody likes a puny window… To give the impression of a bigger window remember “high and wide”. By hanging your window treatments at least 6” higher than the frame with a rod jutting out 6” past the frame on both sides, your window will look larger and your treatments more substantial.


Hope this helps!


Until next Thursday…

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