The Do’s and Don’ts of Halloween Decor

With Fall approaching and Halloween just around the corner, its time to start thinking about decorating your home for the season… This time of year lends itself to a “hit or miss” type situation when it comes to Halloween decorations. We’ve seen it all; the good, the bad and the tacky. To help you avoid Halloween decor that will seriously spook your design friends, here are our do’s and don’ts:



Do Get Crafty:


via My Domaine


via My Domaine

These trendy decor options can be done at home and totally convey the Halloween message in a non-over the top way. This pin and thread skeleton and these painted candle sticks will subtly and stylishly give your home exactly what it needs for this time of year.

So chic and spirited!


Do Break Away from Orange and Black:


Via HomeBNC

Nothing says Halloween like a pumpkin or Jack’o’Lantern, but who says they need to be orange? Changing things up with a color scheme other than orange and black is a super cool idea that will set you apart from the rest. Painting your pumpkins off-white or eggshell looks phenomenal especially paired with other white, fall elements (Hint: Works great for Thanksgiving decor too).



Don’t Be Too Scary:


Via Party City

Yes there is such thing…Hanging ghouls on motion sensors are cool and all but maybe for Halloween Horror Nights, not your bathroom hallway. You want to keep the magic and fun of the holiday while still maintaining its ideals. There is a happy medium and its not terrifying…. UNLESS it’s for that one special spooky night. 


Don’t Use Candy Corn as Decor:


Via Uncommon Designs Online

This could be our biggest pet peeve of all time. This trend came and now its time for it to go. It is tacky and tired. Also, who really wants to eat THAT much candy corn? 




via Serendipity Refined

Less is definitely more when it comes to decor… but also YOLO. Whether your decorating for a party or just trying to get yourself into the spirit, there aren’t really any rules are there?!?!

Cobwebs, plastic spiders and eyeballs in a jar? Too much??…Maybe, but not if it’s going to scare the crap out of your kids. hahaha!

Witch hats hanging from the living room ceiling? Probably…WAY too much. A pumpkin here and there with a cute burlap wreath on the front porch? Not enough for some or just right for others…. But if you want to get freaky, who are we to stop you!!


All in all, pick out a killer costume and the rest will just fall into place…



Until next Thursday…

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