The 5 Steps of Dorm Design

“Being an incoming freshman was one of the most exciting times of my life. Mostly because I finally got to design my dorm room with my roommate, Kailey. Planning every last detail down to the gallery wall (the one that we never finished) made us feel good about move in day. When everything was in its place and it was time for bed that first night, it hit me; This is my new home.” -Carli, Design Assisstant



This week we are covering dorm room design! That time of year is approaching and it can all be very overwhelming. To help, here are 5 steps to designing your dorm room:


Step 1: Assess the Situation and Space Plan


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Dorms are notorious for being terribly small which makes space planning even more necessary. See if you can find out the dimensions of the space as well as what already comes in the dorm (bed, dresser, desk, etc.) and go from there. Find a layout that will land you with the most space and functionality. In a bunk bed situation, you might want to try something different and more aesthetically pleasing. If you’re totally against the bunked idea and don’t have much space try elevating one bed with risers and slide the foot of the other bed under, kind of like the photo above. This saves a bunch of room and adds a quirky aspect to the space!


Step 2: Roommate Communication

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If you and your roommate are planning on coordinating stylistic aspects of your dorm (which is highly recommended) there are a few things to remember. Keep both you and your roommates’ styles in mind! If you can come to an agreement on the style of your dorm, its easy from there on out! A suggestion is to make a joint Pinterest board with your roommate where you can both pin inspiration photos and ideas for decor. Then you’ll get a glimpse of his/her vision and vice versa!


Step 3: Functionality and Storage


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One of the worst things about living in a small space is how much smaller it can feel when things aren’t in their place. Best way to avoid this? MAKE A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING (and keep it there). Things like stackable shoe racks for your closet, freestanding shelves, stylish bins and containers, hooks on the back of all your doors, and risers on your bed (for drawers underneath) will maximize your storage space and help keep you organized. If you’re wanting to hide your under-bed storage, an oversized bed skirt does the trick and could complete the look of your space.


Step 4: Personalize Your Space

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In our opinion, this is the best part! Making your side of the room your own is so important. Being so far from home and family, personal items and photos will make you feel less homesick and turn the space into your own. Personalizing your dorm doesn’t just have to be the typical picture frames and posters. There are a lot of creative ways to show your personality through your dorm! The people that designed these dorms did a great job of showing who they are through their decor. The photo displays shown are very nontraditional and out of the ordinary making the spaces that much more unique.


Step 5: Enjoy!

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These are the best years of your life so make them count! As cool as your dorm is going to be, you shouldn’t be in there all the time! Make friends, study hard, have a blast, and enjoy the journey!


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