The 3 Commandments When Purchasing Art

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Like most things in design, there are always guidelines and rules that will ensure an aesthetically pleasing space…Even for the fun stuff; like purchasing art!!

LUCKY FOR YOU we have carefully crafted a set of 3 commandments for you to follow religiously (lol) when you’re acquiring these statement pieces. 


Commandment #1: Thou Shall Play With Color:

via Motivo Home by Andrea-Noel

This piece is from: CHC Art


via Motivo Home by Andrea-Noel

This piece is from: CHC Art

As obvious as it may seem, color is more than integral in the art selection process. Think about how this piece of art will add to/complete your space. Finding a piece of art that employs the color scheme of the room while empowering the space, as opposed to over-powering the space, is ideal. 


Commandment #2: Thou Shall Know How to Group Art:

via Flaunt & Center


via My Scandinavian Home

Art grouping is all the rage lately and can make for such a complete look. But like our friend Uncle Ben said, “With great art comes great responsibility”, so let’s talk about how to do this right. First off, don’t over-do it. If the space you’re working with is simple and clean, a duo/trio set of pieces works wonderfully. If a more complex look is what you crave, planning a gallery wall is in order. Make sure all pieces selected embody a consistent theme and again, color scheme!


Commandment #3: Thou Shall Not Ignore Sizing:

via Motivo Home by Andrea-Noel

This piece is from: Surya


via Motivo Home by Andrea-Noel

This piece is from: Moe’s Home Collection

Nothing is worse than seeing a beautiful design ruined by a piece of art too small/big for the space. When the piece is too small, it could get lost on the wall. If the piece is too big, the appearance of its surroundings can shrink, throwing off the balance of the space. Its best to have the piece a fair size where it accentuates the wall instead of just covering it.


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