Shaken Not Stirred: 5 Tips when Mixing Styles

As creative individuals, we tend to get tired of the same ol’ same ol’. An easy way to add flare to any room is to combine unexpected styles.


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Here are some of our tips to pulling off an exciting combo:


Tip #1: Surprise Yourself

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Don’t be afraid to try something drastic. Your grandmother’s rug thats been sitting in the attic since you moved in? Roll it out and dust it off. As long as the color scheme in the space stays consistent, adding a wild piece like this is a great way to effectively pair design styles.

Tip #2: Balance is Key

white dining room eames chairs metal pendant light

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Pair your statement piece with a second to make an impact while keeping the weight of the room balanced. Also, balancing of materials is so important. In this dining room, the heavy bulk of the traditional wood table is perfectly paired with these modern chairs that give off the impression of weightlessness, a perfect match.

Tip #3: Use Variety To Your Advantage


Switch it up! Not only does this dining area successfully mix multiple styles of design, it also does it in such a unique way. The seating around this dining room table speaks for itself. You don’t have to be consistent with pieces as long as they have similar visual weights and follow the color scheme set.
Tip #4: Repetition, Repetition


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Repetition is such a powerful tool when mixing styles. In this room alone, we see how the Renaissance-framed art over the modern couch creates an interesting vibe throughout the space. If only one of those pieces was hung, the room wouldn’t be as cohesive and make as much sense. The repetition of the art is impactful and successful when it comes to mixing these two styles.

Tip #5: Stick With a Color Scheme

Screen shot 2016-04-07 at 12.22.05 AMvia Apartment Therapy

As I’ve mentioned twice now, a general color scheme is so important. It could virtually allow you to do anything in your space if done correctly. As vibrant as this desk area is, it all checks out because of the colors pulled out of the art. Although this classic chair and contemporary table are not exactly made for each other, they work because a color scheme being followed.

Now go mix some stuff up!


See you next Thursday!

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