Rachel’s Roses and Their Accent Chairs

Welcome back, Friends!

Like most girlies during the summer season, we love to kick back on Monday nights with a glass of wine and hang with one of our fav Bachelorettes, Rachel. This seasons’ men have had us on our toes and have kept us coming back each week to see who remains.

Even though we didn’t always agree with Rachel’s choices (#BringAlexBack2k17), the 4 men left are awesome and all unique in their own way.

With hometowns just around the corner, we can’t help but imagine what home looks like to these men. So without further ado, because our lives revolve around furniture, these are the accent chairs we imagine each man to have sitting in their living room…



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Bryan is a suave, Miami-native who has had no problem sweet-talking his way into Rachel’s heart. There is, without a doubt, passion between the two love-birds. That is why our pick for Bryan is this red, velvet statement piece.


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Oh, how we love our Dean…This heart-throb has made us (and Rach, I guess) fall with his adorable humor and tailored good looks. For this reason, we see Dean having this modern, loungy, arm chair in his living room that has clean cut charm just like him. 


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Peter has always been a favorite and for good reason; He is charming, established and makes the gap look so so good. It isn’t hard to imagine Peter sipping on a glass of scotch from a chair and ottoman pair like this; bold and beautiful. Yup, sounds about right…


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Eric is subtly smooth and has a fun personality that’s obviously woo’d Rachel in record time. He has a “no bs” demeanor while still being one of the most emotional available men in the house. For Eric, we see something with gumption and grace, like this beauty…


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If it were up to us, all these chairs would get a Rose…


Until next Thursday…

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