“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail”

– Giorgio Armani


Livable Luxe


When these homeowners walk through their front door after a long day of work, they wanted to be greeted with cool tones, comforting lines and the warmth of a home filled with thoughtful design. Our mission was to create spaces where nothing was pre-purchased as a set and even an untrained eye could see that every piece was hand selected or carefully crafted. From the custom seating and window treatments to large scaled collaborative pieces, all the special details in this home were hand selected and beautifully crafted – well deserved for some very special clients.

To create contrast between the muted blues and tranquil metallics, we added a splash of regal purple accents to establish an unexpected jewel toned space for the extraordinary queen of the house. The painting overlooking the dining room was a custom collaboration between local artists, and the stunning wall of mirrored frames displays the family’s most favorite travel photos in an elegant and bold way.