Our Top 5 Housewives’ Homes

So not sure about you guys, but we love to indulge in a little Housewives marathon from time to time; the party drama, the plastic surgery, the table flipping…. entertainment at its’ finest. Mostly we watch for “market research”, ya know, because of all of the gorgeous homes. 😉 From the “re-done” houses of RHONJ to the Beverly Hills Mansions….we are big fans!

Here are our favorites!


# 5

Kyle Richards: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


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Kyle Richard’s traditional home with a twist comes in 5th (mainly because we can’t handle the ruffle skirts on her sofas….but we love everything else!!!) With gorgeous reclaimed wood trusses and ink blue accents, her home just seems so comfy and cozy. We like the way she used certain moments to add a little bling. Talk about a REAL HOUSEWIFE. 😉  Richard’s has made our list with her homey-california-dreamy abode.



Heather Dubrow: Real Housewives of Orange County



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Although this is the Dubrow’s old home, we do not care, her champagne tastes never disappoint. LOOK AT THIS MARBLE…. Heather flew in specialty marble from Italy for her bathroom. As you can see in the picture above, the veins of the marble connect perfectly with each other. This marble is extremely rare and looks amazing, putting “Fancy Pants'” old home on our list.

But, PS: Who else is DYING to see her new home?!?!



Kelly Bensimon: Real Housewives of New York

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.52.14 PM

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Kelly Bensimon’s Hampton home is unbelievably gorgeous and unique. From the colored ghost chairs to the cow hide ottoman, everything about this design speaks to us. Her colorful spaces combine rustic and modern……Her home speaks to her quirky personality and this eclectic design lands her home at #3 .


# 2

Carole Radzwill: Real Housewives of New York




My Domaine

How to-die-for is Carole Radzwill’s New York apartment? We are completely obsessed with everything…. the silver leaf ceiling, mirrored back splash, THAT staircase, the art and the striped kitchen floor, its all so FABULOUS. Hats off to this design and its attention to detail. It’s not the biggest, but it IS one of the best!

Carole, your home is amazing…. and you’re pretty much the coolest. EVER.



Bethanny Frankel: Real Housewives of New York


via Bravo TV

Bethanny Frankel’s apartment in New York is everything we could ever dream of, sinking her the 1st spot on our list. Just like her no BS attitude on RHONY, her home is straight to the point, you can tell she knows what she likes. We are as obsessed with the funky accented neutral color scheme as we are with the metallic barstools and the white Carerra countertops (something we are currently, ok, always coveting).


That’s all from the the Real Housewives of Andrea Noel Designs.


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