Our Current Faves

Happy Thursday, everyone! We are back this week to share with you some of our current covets and favorite things, on and off the design field…



via Basil and Bubbly

Its pink. Its delicious. Its frozen. It contains wine. Need we say more?


Wall Baskets

via Etsy


via Slim Paley


via Andrea Noel Designs

This is such a creative (and affordable) way to accessorize a wall and we had a lot of fun installing the baskets up a wall on one of our latest projects….. get creative!


Shoes of the Summer

via Steve Madden

via Steve Madden

Currently obsessing over everything Steve Madden but let’s be real honest…who doesn’t want to go back to their 90s fashion roots? How perfect are these for summer? 


Bruno Mars- That’s What I Like


Bruno Mars is the love of all our lives (just face it) and this song has us dancing around the office….often.


Velvet Outdoor Fabric

via LINK Outdoor

Okay so LINK has this new outdoor fabric that feels like actual velvet but has all the perks of an outdoor fabric. We are amazed and excited to hopefully use it on a few outdoor patios!


…and these are a few of our favorite things (for now)!


Until next Thursday…

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