Once You Go Black….

This week we are exploring some new trends and revisiting a few classics. We find that an extraordinary way to elevate your home is using the color black to make a statement in your spaces. As we design, we must remember that even the most neutral of colors can do really amazing things!!!


Here are a few examples of times that black blew us away:


The (Bl)Accent Wall:


via Apartment Therapy

Close your eyes and imagine this room with a white wall….BOOOORING! This accent wall does way more than just accent…It brings a whole new vibe to this space. Not to mention, the way the lighting pops off the black is simply gorgeous!


Black, Bulky Lighting:


via Claire Brody Designs

Although this space is not dictated by black, the chunky pendant really brings the heat. It provides a perfect contrast with the light walls and furniture while still tying in with the black in the area rug and art. 


A Sofa That Speaks for Itself:


via My Domaine

This couch is dominating the room in all the right ways with it’s bold presence. It makes for the perfect focal point while still managing to coincide with the rest of the space without taking over. (Not to mention that black is a great color choice with kids or adults that are prone to spill things, ya know, like wine.) 


Black Velvet:


via Decor Pad

These velvet accent chairs are so luxurious, yet still understated. With a color scheme so masculine, a soft velvet texture gives a feminine touch to the space. This sitting room does a perfect job of balancing the two and black velvet is a classic way to incorporate some elegance and funk all at once! 


Take a Walk on the Dark Side:


via Interior Collective

How unbelievable are these floors? Talk about making a statement… Black flooring can be stunning, but it is important to be conscious of where you put it and the material you specify. However, when all the stars aline,  get ready for some black magic.


Black, Bold and Brilliant:

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 9.38.27 PM

via Wood Designer

So we’re completely obsessed with this cabinetry for a few reasons…1. It is so incredibly unique to do black in a world where everyone is obsessing over white kitchens. 2. Less tomato sauce stains (awesome-sauce). 3. Nothing says, “Watch what I’m about to whip up” like bold black kitchen components. Which brings us to our next scene….


Black Stainless Steel Appliances:


via KitchenAid

All. Black. Stainless. Steel. Appliances. Amazing. This new trend (!!!) might be our favorite. Something as simple as the color/finish of the refrigerator really can turn a kitchen into a work of art. Functionally speaking, KitchenAid’s black stainless steel line of appliances is resistant to fingerprints and smudges making it a superstar in the kitchen!


Trim and Doors and Baseboards….OH MY!:


via Apartment Therapy

This trend has been around for a while now and we just can’t let it go. But can you blame us?? “You’re telling me I can completely transform my hallways with a brush and a gallon of black paint?” Yes! That is what we are telling you. We are just as excited as you are. 


Come on over to the dark side!


Until next Thursday…

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