Doors Galore

Buon giovedi a tutti !

As we continue to explore the streets of Rome, we’ve discovered one of our favorite things about this city are the doors. At every corner, on every street, we are surprised by the beauty of the doors we see. Some leading to astounding churches and others being entrances to ordinary apartment complexes. Regardless, they are all breath-taking in their own way.

Here are a few of our favorites…


How awesome is this…..Not only were we obsessed with the dark, royal emeraldy color of this door but also how ornate it was. From the bottom to the top, every detail of this door blew us away.



We were really crushing on this masculine door. The repetition of the bold details, various shapes and large brass knockers really make it a stand out! Of course the adjacent columns were the perfect complimenting feature. 



As far as color goes, this door takes the cake. The contrast of the icy, grey-blue door against the pale orange sherbert-like color on the building makes the simplicity of this door POP! 



Here is our little Marco posing for a shot with this hearty door, he loved the big iron, lion head knockers. Sidenote: when taking kids “door hunting”…. always promise gelato. 😉



This door was special to us because it combined out-of-the-ordinary color with beautiful detail. The iron work atop the frame gives the door a perfect feminine finishing touch to balance out the bold nailhead like details.



This was one of the first doors we noticed while visiting the Vatican City. The exquisite wood raised panels and finish is what stopped us for a photo but later we realized it was the only door we captured with horizontal pulls….cause sometimes you gotta switch it up!!



Glass paneling is something we haven’t seen too often in doors while in Rome, so this one struck us. The gorgeous iron detail tells a modern story among a city with such rich history spanning thousands and thousands of years.



Until next Thursday…

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