Designer Dossier, Entry 2: Floored by Endless Options

In a world where the “remodel” is ever-present, one can feel trapped by the daunting lack of options when it comes to floors. We are here on this Thursday to set you free…

Here are our favorite alternatives when it comes to floors:


Luxury Vinyl:


via Integra Floors

This first option blows our minds. Could this vinyl look any more like real wood? This product has come so far. Vinyl has always been associated with commercial spaces, but that’s why this material is so great for high traffic areas in the home. Want wood flooring in your kitchen, but nervous…. consider going with wood look vinyl planks. Its all the rage.


Carpet Tile:

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.12.33 PM

via Flor

These carpet tiles are sooooo cool. The BIG pro here is not fretting over spilled milk wine…. just pop that stained sucker out and pop in a new one. Viola! Flor also puts out some other really really awesome flooring alternatives. Definitely digging this look. 


Stained Concrete:


via Apartment Therapy

Are you obsessed with this floor or what? Stained concrete should not be forgotten when a remodel is happening. Durable, chic and eco-friendly are just a few of the reasons why were are digging this flooring. It is an awesome way to amp up any space with really endless options for color and stain finishes…plus it is super affordable.


Ceramic/Cement Tile Arrangements:


via My Paradissi

Ceramic or cement tile arrangements are really the cats-meow. Look how the floor alone transforms this kitchen into a work of art. This particular arrangement adds a flare while still maintaining the streamline style of the space. Don’t be afraid of pattern people!!


Now embrace the change!


Until next Thursday…

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