5 Tips to Surviving Your Remodel

The kids are sleeping on a mattress in the living room, the plumbers are helping themselves to your pantry and your walk-in closet has turned into a substitute play room. That’s right, its a remodel. Remodeling your home can be one of the most stressful, exciting, filthy, enriching, chaotic, rewarding experiences. As we post, Andrea-Noel Designs’ very own Andrea and Rik are going through the taxing process, so this week’s blog was a no brainer.


“Living through our own remodel has given us great perspective to being a support to our clients during their remodel process…. here are our Top 5 tips to surviving this stressful time”


Tip 1: Try to keep organized & take time to purge 


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This might be the most important way to stay sane throughout your remodel. Clutter triggers stress and stress is no bueno. If having to move the contents of one room to another, make sure boxes and bins are labeled and furniture is sectioned. Maybe your garage becomes a temporary kitchen, or one corner of your living room is dedicated to toys, while the other stores clothes and bedding. This way when its time to move it all back, it can be done easy-breezy. And while you’re sorting through it all, take time to get rid of things you forgot you even had, never use or things that are out of style that just add clutter. (Charity is always waiting with open arms or there’s that dumpster in your driveway….)


Tip 2: Keep in contact with your team and set realistic expectations



I think it is safe to say that no one NO ONE wants to prolong the remodeling process. The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to communicate with your contractor, sub-contractors or designer regularly. Making sure the lines of communication are open through the good, the bad and the ugly BEAUTIFUL is key!  Setting clear expectation will leave less room for interpretation and therefore speed up the project. Also, its important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and even with the most experienced team, things still go wrong…cabinets come in damaged, lighting gets backordered, THINGS HAPPEN! But when everyone is working hard with a common goal in mind and overcoming obstacles here and there, it is important to keep it all in perspective. 


Tip 3: Section off remodel 


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Although this tip is sort of a give-in, it is still extremely important. Often times remodeling brings dust, fumes and uncontrolled mess to the living spaces that aren’t under construction. By sectioning off desired parts of the house with quality construction plastic or tarps, you will help avoid these nuisances. 


Tip 4: Wine…and lots of it



After a long day, you may feel—–wait…do we even need to sell this one?!?!?


Tip 5: Enjoy the process

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We know, we know…It may seem like the most drawn out period of your life but look at the bright side! You are steps closer to realizing a vision you created and making your home that much more you. Enjoy the pizza nights due to a non-functioning kitchen and camping out on the living room floor where the bedroom paint fumes can’t make you loopy. You are creating great memories and soon enough the mess will be a thing of the past!


….and don’t forget, we are here if you need us!!


Until next Thursday…

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